Mars 2020, 23 Cameras for Perseverance Imaging System

Mars 2020 Perseverance ( is a great space mission with a great goal: searching for life on the red planet.

From the perspective of computer vision engineer, imaging systems on Mars 2020 Perseverance is an exciting topic to investigate.

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When engineers are able to talk to non-engineers

Few days ago I landed to this page

This is a nice example on what can be done when physicians and engineers talk together.
Seems easy but is not at all.

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Good Listening to (not yet) Smart Farmers

Area where I live is mainly based on agriculture economy from small-mid size farms. When I’m not traveling, I can meet my friends and some of them are farmers. They produce good wine, cheese, delicious fruits and vegetables. I’m lucky because I can talk with them tasting their “gems” over dinner.

They are proud talking about their products, but I am seeing them become anxious when we talk about precision agriculture. They feel too small, the landscape is not flat enough, expert technicians aren’t available, machine and systems are slow, expensive, mainly prototyping… in the meantime they receive a lot of pressure from the marketing of innovation. They know, they should do something, but they don’t know where and how to start an effective solution for the real business development. In a while they become nervous and It’s not because of the wine. Good Listening to (not yet) Smart Farmers is the key factor here for innovators and technologists.

Labor cost has relevant impact and recently the lack of labor is beginning a serious issue. At the same time product quality is not more a key selling point but a mandatory prerequisite to sell the product. Finally, resource usage optimization is strategic both for budget and the green new deal.

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Hello new world !

Welcome to the new era for PkLab

Today we redesigned our website as we are doing since we were on line first time on 2000.

Not only a make-up. In about 20 years we also changed and improved our services providing high level technology consulting at the frontiers of knowledge in the field of computer vision, software and system automation.

In the present we are focused on the most recent and advanced solutions for artificial vision.

See you in the new world !